006. When the Party Learns not to Put on Every Ring they Find

The party heads back to Ashvin with Omnikrunc in tow, their 2nd death in as many days...

They find that Gunderson is unable to raise Omnicrunk, because he is out of the necessary materials.  It takes several weeks to gather enough herbs and incense and oils and poultices required to return someone from the dead.

While mourning their loss at the Inn, a mysterious short-statured figure enters.  She is dressed in monk garb and introduces herself as Monicrunk, Omnicrunk’s twin sister.  She eagerly joins the party.

They head back to Joe’s farmhouse, but find the whole house covered in cobwebs.  Inside, they find Joe, dead and entombed in webbing.  They head back to the church, down below to the tunnel.  Inside they find a cave system filled with spiders, badgers, and zombies.  They fight their way down, finding treasure.  One thing of note they find is a wooden ring that appears magical.  D'Understanding eagerly puts it on his right hand.

Toggaf believes the evil druid may have been summoning a demon, but they do not find it.  They head back to town, heavy with treasure.  

On their way back to town, D'Understanding gets an itchy sensation on his left hand, and when he tries to remove the ring, he finds it stuck fast to his finger, and his ring finger's skin is rough as if covered in bark.

Map of the Spider Tunnels is Below! It's in 4 pieces because it was so large I was afraid it would break Roll20.

Spider Tunnels, B1:

Spider Tunnels, B2:

004. Turbo's Lair

The party enters the keep, and find it crawling with Kobold guards.  They manage to fight through several of the kobolds, leaving the evidence of their intent strewn about the dungeon.  But, in their lust for treasure, they get distracted and find themselves in a room with Zombies.  

D’understanding, the druid, dies in the ensuing fight.  

The party retreats back to town.  They do manage to find very fine priests vestments and a holy symbol for their trouble.

Back in Ashvin, they meet Gunderson Oakenstaff, the high priest at Ashvin, at the Temple of the Divine Mother.  He is watching over the Dwarf Child.  He agrees to revive D’understanding in exchange for 500 gold and the holy vestments and symbol.  The raising takes 3 days.

After D’understanding is back to life, they head back to Turbo’s Keep, but find it now taken over by wolves, feasting on the entrails of Kobolds.  They fight their way deep into the Keep and find Turbo’s lair, but he is not there.  Instead of a sealed envelope bearing the seal of the Black Raven’s Guild.  The open the envelope but find the parchment is blank.  They decide to head back to town to confer with Corvus.

Here is the dungeon map I used in Roll20.  Feel free to use it for your own game!