007. Tomb Cleaning Time (and other mishaps)

Back safely in town, the party sets up shop at the Inn.  Just when the flagons of ale are poured, a pair of guards rush into the inn, panting.  "A .. a ... thing is attacking the city!  Just come see!"

A giant, Spider Lady Demon Thing is heading for the inn.  The Demon that the Evil Druid was summoning?

A crowd gathers as they fight on and finally defeat the spider queen.   The party stands around, looking for clues on the spider queen while Gunderson, the town Cleric approachs them for help.  "The light in the Tombs of Ashvin has gone out and now the dead are rising!"  Sigh, can we at least eat dinner first?

They fight their way through the tombs under the temple and relight the ever burning torch to quiet the undead.  What is causing the demons and the dead to rise?  Meanwhile, the ring D’understanding is wearing is slowly turning his arm into a tree branch, and his feet into roots...

The party seeks the wisdom of Corvus the Black, who sent them on their first quest (and who they have not spoken to since).  They explain everything that had happened (including the curse on D'Understanding), and he asks them to seek the council of Torus Whitetail, the Archdruid who lives in the Sacred Woods outside of Parthen City, about a week's journey southwest.  

Not only is Torus one of the few who can break D’understanding’s curse, but if druids are involved in demon summoning, perhaps Torus can help bring the druids back in line.  

He also believes that Turbo may have taken up residence in an Old Castle south of Ashvin.  He sent another party of adventurers (what? another party?) to seek intelligence of Turbo’s whereabouts, but they were ambushed by goblins and ogres.  All but one were slain.  Barlo the Brave, the cleric of that party, is the only survivor.  He begs for a chance to avenge their deaths and to kill Turbo himself.

Map of the Tombs under the Ashvin Temple

Ashvin Tombs, B1
Ashvin Tombs, B2
Ashvin Tombs, B3


003. Black Mage's Guild

They rest well that night, holding onto the Black Mage's guild key.

The next morning, they head to the Black Raven’s Guild to inquire about the boy.  The gothic manse set beside a graveyard looks like an ominous site on such a warm spring day, but they enter the iron gates and approach the door.  The door, flanked by carved statues of demons heads, has a large iron knocker.  Toggaf, the magic user, reaches out to grab the iron kocker, but the door flies open on its own.  They cautiously enter the foyer of the house, but as soon as they do, they find their bodies pulled through the fabric of space.


They open their eyes, and find themselves sitting in a giant bird cage.  They are greeted by a kind but cold magic user, who warns them that Corvus the Black does not tolerate tresspassing.  A slender wizard with a slick of black hair and a sharp black beard enters with alarming slowness and precision.  He walks with purpose and never breaks eye contact with Corvus as he enters.  His furrowed brow does not deceive his annoyance as he asks, "who gave you that key?"

The party explain the previous night's adventure and how they found the key on a young wizard who was trying to murder a young dwarf boy.

Corvus the Black ponders this information. He weighs his words very careful, and explains, "As you can see, our guild is light on members.  Several months ago, we had a defection in a wizard named Turbo.  He left and took several apprentices with him.   My first impression was that you were working for Turbo, but I see you have been swept up accidentally into his schemes.  Turbo had cockamamie ideas about a prophecy and a 'divine cube.'  I am light on resources but you seem ready for the task.  Bring me turbo or proof of his death and I shall forgive your trespassing.  I know where he is, and can take you there."

The party agrees.

Corvus then teleports the party to a location a few miles from Ashvin, up into the Spider Hills.  There, they see an old keep.