041. Some Things Can't be Cleaned

The party clean the house thoroughly, looking for clues, artifacts or other useful things.

They do find an ancient map of the world, depicting a landform in the Barbarus Ocean that no longer is on any modern maps.  They also find in one of the hallways, a child's drawing of a giant squid, and embedded in the walls are 4 differently colored rocks on each of the tentacles. 

Toggaf decides to climb the steps to the observatory and take a look around.  He peers through the telescope, and takes a look at the mid-day moon.

What he sees are large cracks running through the surface of the moon, and he thinks he sees flickering lights within the cracks.  What is going on with the Moon?

Richard finds the Deed to a Ship, which should be at Alma Port.  They just need to claim it.  

After a few days of cleaning, when things are looking much better, Toggaf remembers the black crystalline heart that was in the center of Khash the Black.  He carefully dumps it out on the table, careful not to touch it.  It is starting to vibrate and pulse, and he notices motes of dust are attracted to it and begin to stick to it.... a nearby insect is drawn to it and sticks to it, and soon melts into the heart... a fine skin of organic material is forming around the Heart of Khash.

Barlo calls from the back room in a panicked tone... "Gentlemen, we have company!"  Outside, they look and see at least two dozen undead figures clawing up and over the outer walls.