039. Haunted

They decide to all sleep in the master bedroom, but have two people at a time stay in the upstairs hallway on watch.  The first pair on watch duty see it... well, they hear it first.  A child's voice, calling out ...

"Father, they are here again.  I can hear them and see them."  A transparent figure emerges through the door of one of the bedrooms, and his vacant eyes lock on Toggaf's.  A calmer voice calls out from the master bedroom: "It's ok son, they are not real."

"Yes.  They.  Are!  I see them and hear them!  They are in the house daddy!  The ones with the tentacled faces!"

A montage of several conversations between ghostly father and son pass, and they learn that Corvus was haunted by bad dreams and visions throughout his childhood, after his mother passed.  They witness the day that Corvus and his father leave the house for the last time, some 60 years ago.  But the ghosts were living it out as if it were today.

Just then, a giant transparent jack-o-lantern emerges from the walls and travels down the hallway, toward the ghostly Corvus and toward the master bedroom where the party is sleeping.  The Toggaf rushes towards the master bedroom to warn the party, but he passes through the ghost pumpkin and in that instance, the house melts away, and the party and richard stand on an infinite plane, with only the pumpkin.  But this time, the pumpkin is quite real, and attacks.