038. Homecoming


The party are intrigued by the prospect of seeing Corvus the Black's childhood home.  Richard and the party climb abord the two sibling mechs and they march to Corvus' House.  The late summer sky is clear, and eerily quiet.  The noon-day moon likes quite out of place, and they wonder just how haunted the world has become since the resurrection of Khash.  They do not encounter any foes except for a lone Owlbear that turns and runs at the sight of the huge walking suits of armor.

They arrive to the East coast of the Cradle, and see the lonely manor upon the cliffs, surrounded by thick walls and iron gates.  Richard unlocks the gate with the key.  He feels like he remembers this place, even though Corvus the Black had not visited this place since well before Richard was even born.

The front door unlocks, and they emerge into a dusty and cobweb-covered foyer.  At the far end, the hallway is flanked by two suits of armor.  The suits of armor come alive as if pulled on invisible strings, and talk with a hollow tin.  They greet the party and Richard.  They apologize for the mess and assure them that Master Corvus will be back shortly, though he has been gone for over 60 years.  They also apologize again profusely for the mess: "our clumsy metal hands cannot clean this place"; they also apologize for the ghosts.

The party explore the downstairs a bit.  They find a library, a kitchen, a dining room, a courtyard.  In the library, they disturb some webs and a large phase spider drops down on them, but they make quick work of killing it.  In fact, they clear the whole downstairs of any spiders or webs before going upstairs.

Upstairs, they find several bedrooms, an office, and an iron ladder leading up to a small tower with a telescope.