037. Khash Attack

They have about 5 minutes to prepare, so they activate Ekrak and split the party into two sets of pilots for the two Mechs.

The fight is brutal, the ground is torn up beneath their feet.  Embra fires huge cones of fire, Ekrak slams down with huge wooden fists, while Ekrak attacks with dark necrotic forces and can conjure rivers of lava on his command.  Ekrak and Embra take significant damage but manage to finally kill the black beast.  It collapses in a heap of ash and cinders, the smell of brimstone filling the air.

Monikrunc approaches the pile and digs around with her hands looking for any “loot.”  She picks up a large, black, crystalline heart with gold and silver veins and arteries. It is throbbing in her hands, and she sees her veins start blackening… her eyes roll back, she turns to the party and yells in a demonic voice,


And in that instance, with great energy, she takes off flying through the air with great speed.

Toggaf, thinking quickly, conjures a prismatic sphere to capture the heart from Moni’s hand.  It is too late to return her to her senses, but the heart falls to the ground at Toggaf’s feet.  

Toggaf casts a hypnotic spell to incapacitate Moni, which seems to work… she falls unconcscious, tumbling through the air, 80 feet above their heads.  Toggaf casts Feather Fall and safely brings her to the ground.  Barlo casts Remove Curse to cleanse Moni’s blood, and it seems to work and bring her back to normal.

At the same time, Richard and a few goblins and ogres approach from the south. Richard explains he saw the whole thing.  He also invites them to Triple Toss Tower.  

Richard says he’s been dreaming vividly of Corvus the Black and even started taking on his personality traits.  It’s unnerving to him but he also unfurls a parchment, indicating that Richard is the sole inheritor of the Corvus Estate west of Breaker, on the coast of Breaker Bay.  It’s just a few days travel East of Triple Toss Tower.  It has been uninhabited for a few decades, but Richard thinks they should go clean it out and see what clues it contains about the Prophecy, the location of the remaining cubes and anything there is to be learned about the God War and how to prevent its return.