036. Brother and Sister United

The party are making their next plans and taking Embra for a spin when they hear a voice through the intercom.  “Hello?  Team Triple Toss?  It’s me, Richard!”  Apparently, the communication links activated when Embra was awoken, and the mechs can communicate with each other and with the pedestals.

Over the intercom, a gravely, familiar voice speaks: “come and get me, sister.  It is lonely in the mountains.”  Ekrak!

The party heads straight to Cloudstone and meet with (newly crowned) King Rillin.  He wears the crown well now and is a calm and thoughtful leader.  He has seen the plague of undead fall upon Parthen, and seen Khash the Black rampaging the countryside, scattering and destorying the queen’s armies.

After a nice night and well deserved rest, the party picks up Ekrak.  They learn that Ekrak and Embra can transform into an alternate form.  Ekrak can transform into the sapling, and Embra can transform into an everburning torch.  They transform Ekrak and all hop into Embra.

They take the 8-10 day journey south to Triple Toss Tower.  When they just see the tower peeking over the horizon, they also see a vague black shape to the West.  The shape gets closer and closer, sprinting with speed and determination.  “Khash the black” is charging them!