035. False Idols

They wake up in a room that is hot and humid but the floor is cold and metallic.  in front of them, sitting on a cloud of hot air, is a scantily clad entity, 20 feet tall, that looks an awful lot like Embra.  She calls the party out as false worshipers, unworthy of the cubes!  The fight ensues, with the entity creating shrouds of fire, lashing out with fiery claws and throwing fireballs.  The party does manage to win the battle.  As the entity evaporates, it reveals a small metallic spider that drops to the ground and skitters off.  Again, the party are consumed in flames….

… and wake up on a floating barge or rock, floating on a river of lava.  They have to dodge fiery jets of hot steam, and navigate passages to find ways to open locked gates.

On the way, they find a phoenix feather, some irridescent squid ink, and a couple of potions of full healing.  Their barge ride ends when they crash into shallow edge at the end of the lava flow, and tumble forward onto a rocky ledge.  They stand up, dusting themselves off, and see a large mechanical suit, painted in metallic blue and red, sitting poised on all four limbs.

There is a narrow staircase leading up and into some other place, but too small for the mech to fit.

“Barlo”, Embra says, “thank you for your faith.  Let us find my brother and sister!”


They all climb aboard, and Embra takes them out of the Underdark the only way she can … straight up, through the earth.  As she does so, the lava below roils and rises, and when they find themselves 100 feet above the surface, they see Krshmir Peaks below.

Embra lands gracefully, and they look up to see, at the foothills of the Krhsmir mountains, the old village of Krshmir, a.k.a. “The Undead City”, is being swallowed up by the lava and ash of the eruption.