033. Aftermath



After rest and debriefing for a couple of days, the party rides back to parthen to retrieve the cube from Kazzen and retrieve the phoenix cloak.  They find most of Parthen a smoldering ruin, and all of the villagers are now undead ghouls.

Within the ruins, a single temple remains standing.  Carved of black granite, the Temple of Noctix seems to be unharmed.  They manage to sneak through the undead and avoid contact with the black god on their way to the temple.

They knock on the door and a small priest answers the door and beckons them in.  He quickly closes the door and introduces himself as  Vogar.  He talks about his sacred duty to protect the Key of Lumex in this temple.  

BOOM BOOM!  The abomination is banging on the walls of the temple, but the walls hold.

The party manages to solve the riddles to find the Key of Lumex.  They take Vogar with them as they flee back out of the temple and toward the dungeons that they know lead to the Underdark.

They spend a week traveling back through the Underdark to Cloudstone.  Halfway there, Barlo starts to see visions of an alluring version of Embra, tantalizing and beckoning the party down a side path.  While they are deciding, they happen upon a large, metallic spider.  They manage to kill the spider, and without much else to do for the night, they start prying out its crystal eyes.

They decide not to tempted by the side path and head straight to Cloudstone.

While there, they receive a somber greeting.  King Cloudstone, in his last act of state, ceded power to Queen Parthen.  The journey down the mountain and back was very rough on him, and he lay on his deathbed.  His son, Rillin, sits the throne, the heavy crown laying awkwardly upon his head.

There are rumors of poisoning, and the party requests an audience with the dying king, but it is late and they are denied.  That night, the King dies, but not before he was told of the Party’s deeds.

In the King’s will, the Party are bequeathed the Cube of Embra.  

The party head back down to the underdark, to find the source of the visions Barlo was seeing and to possibly recover the Vessel of Embra’s Power.