031. Dark Side of the Moon, Part 1


They see that Kazzen has Corvus the Black chained to a pole in the city square.  He is surrounded by several armored knights from the queensguard.  The square itself is surrounded by statues of the 4 gods: Ekrak, Elerio, Embra and Estra.  At its center was the statue of Chronex, but that statue has been toppled and Corvus is in its place.

Mobs of civilians are bickering, some seem to be supporting Kazzen and some seem to be against him.  Kazzen claims that Corvus is reponsible for the abomination that rose from the Sacred Forest.

The party is spotted by Kazzen.  His first action is to magically conjure a walled square of thick iron around him and Corvus.  As they fight off the guards, Toggaf decides to climb on top of the statue of Ekrak to get a view over the iron wall.

As he approaches the top, he can see Corvus, but Kazzen is invisible.  Suddenly, Kazzen appears above Corvus, floating, and he fires a set of magic missiles at Toggaf.  Toggaf stumbles backward, wounded, topples off the statue, and snaps his neck, dying instantly…

.. in another instant, his body and possessions disappear as the Cloak of the Phoenix he was wearing glows with magical fire and flutters silently to the ground.

Kazzen uses his staff, the top of which is affixed a Cube, to conjure black energy tendrils from the moon.  They snake down and turn damage the whole party, and kills the villagers and many of the knights instantly.  

… Toggaf exists in the existential soup between living and dying, and in that instance he sees Corvus.  Corvus opens his mouth to speak but no words come out.  He mouths the words “I’m sorry,” but fades from view as Toggaf is pulled, pulled, pulled back to Earth.

Meanwhile, D’Understanding is looking to the sky, quietly praying for rain… the clouds slowly coalesce ...