029. Ascend, part 1


With the spider knights dead, they inspect the room.  They see the statue of Chronex, a fat, happy naked god, sitting astride a turtle, his hand held up as sand pours through his fingers.

They also find a tapestry depicting the family tree of the gods:

The mothers, Lumex and Noctix.

The father, the titan, the eternal: Chronex:

By Lumex, Chronex had 4 children: Embra, Estra, Elerio and Ekrak.  

By Noctix, he had 3 children:  Khash, Zaljir and Exterminis

Soon they found a collapsed doorway, and had to remove the stones one by one to reveal a cave passage.  Inside the cave, they fought undead so horrendously vile that being near them caused them to vomit and nearly pass out from nausea.

During the melee with these undead, Jux takes a bite from one of them.  He feels diseased rotting teeth pierce his flesh, and he feels a warmth flow through his veins….

The soon found a stone room, where the floor had twisting metal channels, silver and gold, forming a braided circle of snakes.  To the north was a steel door with no handle, and to the east and west were doors with a matrix of letters.

On the steel door was a riddle:

The dance of the gold and silver snakes

mixing, mingling, bringing warmth and light.

Without the silver, the gold would die.

Without the gold, the silver would be worthless.

Mix the silver and gold to light the way.


On the western door, a grid of letters stamped in gold… by tracing the letters diagonally, up or down, they found words.  “Demon.”  “Water.”  Gold.  Toggaf quickly pressed the letters to spell gold.  A single gold coin fell upon his head, appearing from thin air.  

On the other door, similar words.  “Ogre.  Poison.  Water.”  Silver.  Toggaf tried the same trick with similar results; poof a silver coin fell upon his head.  Undeterred, he punched in Water.  *sploosh* a torrent of water from nowhere fell upon his head, soaking him.

Barlo, studying the letters, noticed that the silver door had the letters for “oil”, and the golden doors had the letters for “fire.”  Could fire and oil by the dancing snakes?

Oil.  *psssssssshtht* The door slides open.

Fire.  *pssssssstht* The door slides open.


The enter the room of Oil, and find a statue of a snake, with shiny oil pouring out of its mouth.  They fill a cup.

They enter the room of Fire, and find a statue of a snake that breathes fire when they approach.  They Light a torch with the fire from the snake.

The go back to the center room, pour the oil into the channels in the floor, and light it.

*pssssssssshtht* the door slides open.