028. Underdarker, pt. 2: The Darkening


The next night, nearing the other side of the large cave, during their next camp, Monikrunc was standing watch, and she heard a metallic scraping of large feet.  She saw teh same, massive metallic spider, burning with dark fires inside its abdomen… this time, the spider was heading south.  Moni woke up the party and they chose to pursue the spider.  It was much faster than them, but after a couple of hours, they found themselves at the edge of a large underground city.  

Silhouetted against the glowing mushrooms dotting the city, they saw the massive spider.  They crept closer, and saw that it was feeding on a screaming goblin, while other goblins prayed at its feet.  A sacrifice?  This was all too evil for the party, so they skirted their way around the city and found their way to a windy passage leading south from the city.

They camped again, then headed further down the path.  The path led up a narrow set of twisty stone steps, and finally stopped at a stone door.  Carved into the door were ancient texts and pictures depicting Ekrak.  A temple?.  The door had no handles, but it had a socket for a cube.  They inserted the cube of Ekrak, and the door opened.

They hoped they were nearer to Parthen than when they started, and hoped this temple would lead them up to Parthen, to Richard, to Corvus the Black…. to Kazzen, and to the Cube of Estra that he stole from them.  That feels like a lifetime ago.

The ancient stones formed twisty halls (shoddy work, and by humans, no doubt), and the dusts and cobwebs and piles of decay and splintered bones hinted at the centuries that this place stood hidden.  


In one of the larger rooms, they found 6-legged, 2 armed, shiny-armored sentries, standing silently.  When they approached, one of them awoke, and shot at them with red-hot spears of perfectly straight light.  His light spears shattered the bricks and almost shattered the party.  However, Toggaf was too clever by half, and used a mirror to bounce their light spears back at them.  A taste of their own medicine.