027. Strange things Underground


They emerge and find a sheer cliff leading to what looks like jagged cave floor below.  They look around a bit, and notice the wall the door they came through looks like a missing tooth in a large skull carved into a smooth wall.

Monicrunk crawls up to an eye socket 40 feet above, but slips at the last minute.  She luckily uses slow fall, but still falls on Dundastanding doing a bit of damage.  Dundastanding turns into a Gecko and crawls up to the eye sockets and sees they are meant to be filled with oil and lit.  

Toggaf casts Fly on himself and fills the eyes with oil and lights them.  

A mechanism activats, and a set of narrow stairs leading down to the cave floor emerges…

They find a fork in the path, leading southwest and southeast.  They take the eastern path and walk 40 miles the first day.  They notice pylons every few feet with a glowing crystal atop each one.  Toggaf realizes that his magic is nullified near the pylons.  They try to wrench a crystal free, but cannot.  Toward the end of the day, just before they make camp, they are attacked by a group of Albino Goblins and Arcane Beetles.  The goblins are covered in gold and silver necklaces, bangles, and rings, and the Beetles are very shiny and smooth, and reflect magic.  The fight is difficult, but Team Triple Toss triumphs.

They camp that night in the shadows of the cave passage, hoping for a quiet night, not knowing what other dangers await them in the Underdark.

The party awakes the next morning (though in the underdark, it is hard to tell), Barlo’s head throbbing.  He sees a vision in his nightmares (or is he awake?) of Embra bound in a giant spider web, her entrails bursting free of her abdomen, and thousands of tiny flaming spiders pouring out…


That night, as the party slept and Barlo took up his watch, she heard ominous, metallic footsteps.  He saw the silhouette of a massive, metallic spider mech clinking up the highway back the way they came from.  It skittered out of sight.

They continue their march down the underdark highway, and after a couple of days, the road opens up into a massive, dome-shaped cave.  They spread out a bit, finding passages in all directions, but manage to stick to the highway.