023. Ambushed by Giants

An ambush!  Soon, the cloud giant is joined by another Club Wielding.

Tully attempts to surround the club wielding giant with his soldiers and tries to put his hammer to effective use. 

Meanwhile, Barlo gets to try out the power of Ekrak, casting Faerie Fire on the eyes of the Cloud Giant, partially blinding him.  Meanwhile, D’Understanding and Juxmonochrome take up positions with their bows, while Monicrunk makes use of her daggers.

As the fight continues, a third Giant jumps into the fight at the rear, essentially causing them to be surrounded.

Ekrak gets to use his giant fists to do some significant damage to one of the Giants, while Toggaf tries to cast Sleep from within Ekrak, but the spell fails to put any of the Giants to sleep.

The Club wielding Giant brings his tree trunk of a club down upon one of the Dwarf soldiers and crushes him into a jelly of blood and broken bones.

Tully sends more guards to surround the Cloud Giant, who hurls a giant boulder at Ekrak, doing damage to it.   The Cloud Giant also throws a boulder at Juxmonochrome, doing damage and almost sending him tumbling down the cliff.  He is hanging by his fingertips and Monicrunk has to rush in and help him up.

Toggaf and Barlo tackle the back giant, with Barlo dealing decisive blows using Ekrak’s fists, and Toggaf firing magic missiles.  Meanwhile, D’Understanding turns his attention to the sky, bidding the clouds to merge and mingle, and summoning the moisture in the ground to darken the sky…

As 3 more dwarf guards die to the devastating blows raining down from the Cloud giant, Tully and his other men hold the club wielding giant at bay, nickel-and-diming his health down, slowly.  

Ekrak deals an uppercut punch to the back Giant, so fierce that the giant is lifted off the ground, and he falls back onto a sharp spire and dies, gurgling and spitting blood and bile…

But, in the same moment, the other club wielding giant brings his club down so hard upon Tully that he is knocked out cold, bleeding, and on the edge of death.  As the party rally’s toward Tully’s aid, one of Tully’s guards reaches into his pack and pulls out a potion and shoves it down Tully’s throat, reviving him (but just barely).

A moment later, the clouds that D’Understanding summoned start to rumble and reveal their power, and a bright pillar of lightning comes down to pierce the cloud giant, wounding him gravely.

Toggaf turns his attention to the other remaining giant, the one who wet his club on poor Tully’s blood, and casts Magic Missile, killing the giant.

Soon, the overpower the weakened Cloud Giant and finish him off as well.

Wounded and exhausted, the party regroups, now seeing Tully for what he is -- a fearsome and loyal fighter -- and feel like he is a worthy ally.  But, for now, their mission is to seek the king.