021. The Wall


Westgate is known for its 100ft high wall separating the two kingdoms, and the 20 ft high gate, depicting a dwarf and human child holding hands.  For 300 years this gate remained open.  Now, it is closed.

It is late in the evening, and Toggaf  and Juxmonochrome decide to do some reconnaissance in town.  They happen up an Inn, and notice some armored war horses bearing the banners of Parthen parked outside.  They go in and slide up to the bar and order a drink.  The Halfling Bartender apprises them of the situation.  Apparently, a few of the Queen’s court have been murdered by dwarves in an escalation of the conflict, and the Queen has asked for the immediate surrender of King Cloudstone.  A small army sent up from Parthen is occupying the free town of Westgate and waiting for word from the King.  The Queen will ride up personally herself to sign the paperwork once word has reached her of the King’s surrender.

During their conversation, a bruised-up bar maiden emerges from a VIP room, and she runs weeping up the stairs.  A soldier comes out asking for another wench for Blue.  Their interest piqued, Toggaf and Juxmonochrome buy their way into the VIP room.  There, they find a very large soldier in cobalt blue armor, holding court with a wealthy merchant.  The soldier is a Captain in Parthen’s army and has a few soldiers sitting with him, along with his large wolf.


Blue is very drunk and belligerent, and things quickly escalate.  Jux tries to sidle up to Blue and charm him with his ring, but it is unsuccessful.  Toggaf tries a charm spell, but it is unsuccessful.  Finally, Toggaf tries a sleep spell, and it works on a few of Blue’s soldiers and the wealthy merchant.  But, at this point, the conversation has escalated to a brawl, and Blue draws his sword.  During the subsequent fight, Toggaf conjures an illusion that the ceiling is on fire.  All it does is cause the patrons of the Inn and the soldiers to flee, but Blue is undeterred.  After doing some damage to Juxmonochrome, the only thing that brings Blue down is a sleep spell.  

They elect to tie him up and leave him there, and sneak out the back of the Inn.

They report their findings to the party, and proceed to sneak (in a giant tree mech mind you) through the town to the giant wall.  Then, they proceed to climb the wall (using the cliff as footing), and make it to the other side.

Beyond the wall, they find a long, narrow, winding path, leading up the mountain.