019. Somber Homecoming and Covert Poetry

The party has returned to Triple Toss tower.  It is enshrined behind Ekrak’s vines.  They search a while for an weakness in the shield, but it seems as if the vines are knitted together so tightly that no person could make it through.  No person…  D’Understanding turns into a mouse, and finds a narrow gap that he can crawl through to the other side.  

Inside the green, twisting walls, he finds the familiar stone walls of the tower.  He notices an Ogre that looks emaciated, and is searching for grubs under a boulder.  He crawls further in, trying to be undetected, and he sees a familiar face: Snot.  He transforms back into an Elf, and tells Snot to open the vine shield.



When the party enters the tower, they learn that the goblins and ogres inside have run out of resources, and some have been starving to death.  Snot explains how Kazzen came and tricked Slim into handing over theCube of Estra, and how Grassfoot died when trying to get it back.  They locked the vine shield and had been trapped in there every since, for 3 weeks.  Their stores ran dry.  Juxmonochrome manages to hunt down some rabbits and Snot prepares a suitable celebratory dinner.

While eating supper, a new Goblin approaches Toggaf.  The goblin, named Eyeball, has a crooked jaw and has an empty eye socket set into the middle of a jagged scar across his face.  He confesses to be snooping in some of Toggaf’s books while they were away.  Eyeball tells Toggaf that some of the words in the book were moving, and looked like it was in common (which he couldn’t read).  Toggaf picks up the book and sees, indeed, a message is slowly flickering across a page.  With each new line, the letters appear quicker and with more urgency...

A little black crow

is locked in a cage

Helpless to stop a

War that will rage.


Agents of Evil

Are rising from Hell

And only the heroes

Can rewind the spell


Deep in the mountains

The thunder bells Ring.

A prince is but a boy

When without his king.


In a time long ago,

In a kingdom not far,

A bloody war raged,

And left quite a scar.


The seeds of the battle

were sewn long ago

And now from the soil

These crops they do grow.


Seek now the power

Of the kingdom of Stone

For soon one among you

Shall inherit the Throne


When princes turn Kingly

and take up their power.

They lift up the veil

From night’s darkest hour.


The party determines that this is a reference to returning Rillin back to the throne at Cloudstone to help undo the evil and prevent the war.