015. Revenge on Presto, Part 1

The vessel of Ekrakk is actually a Giant, Walking Suit of Armor, with a cockpit and everything.  The cube activates it enough for them to be able to talk to it, but not enough to power the suit itself.  Ekrakk explains that they need the Sapling of the Evertree to power the suit.  Presto!  they have to get Presto!  They find a secret shortcut leading out that is only accessible using the cube, and head back to TTT to forge a plan.

While resting up and plotting a way to get the sapling back, they discover that the cube also has another power.  If inserted into the Obelisk, the cube activates that creates a huge dome of interlaced vines, which shields the tower.  This shield is seemingly impenetrable.  While leaving the shield up, a fierce thunderstorm rocks the dome and lasts for an entire day and night.  Lightning strikes the dome a few times, but nothing but a few stray drops of rainwater can penetrate the dome.  After the storm subsides, the party equips themselves and heads out, going west toward the Sacred Forest and toward Presto's Tower.  The last thing they decide to do is leave Slim and Grassfoot in charge of the tower, keeping the cubes and leaving the shield up.  Every night, at dusk, Slim is to open the shield to see if the party has returned.  

On their way, they find a recently left camp.  It looks like druids had camped there the previous two nights, an hour’s walk from the tower.  Were they responsible for the storm?

They find the Sacred forest.  It seems to be teeming with evil emanations, and the trees are screaming to D’unda in pain.  Barlo is having nightmares of the resurrection of an evil, black god, and he sees the black roots of a sapling tree becoming flood vessels, feeding a dark heart and giving birth to a great evil.  The party finds some of the trees becoming animated and attacking them.  They also find Queen’s Soldiers and Druids patrolling the forest, looking for Team Triple Toss.  The party manages to kill a few sentries, but soon find themselves overwhelmed.  Toggaf manages to charm one of the Soldiers and a Druid and convinces them that they are working for Presto, and need to be led to Presto’s tower.  The perilous journey through the forest lasts 15 days, but they eventually find Presto’s tower.