014. Temple of Ekrak (The One in Which the Cleric is Turned to Stone)

Soon, they are tempted into visiting the secret caves beneath Triple Toss Tower, and find that the caves lead to the Temple of Ekrakk.  There, they find a ruinous temple guarded by dozens of Snakemen.  The Snakemen are led by their “mother”, a Medusa.  The party finally finds the hidden lair of Medusa.  The party fends off her attempts to turn them to stone, and manage to do serious damage to her.  However, Barlo the Brave, choosing to live up to his name, drops his shield and attempts to deal the fatal blow to Medusa while looking her in the face.  This proves to be a costly mistake, as he is turned to stone...

The party does kill medusa, but is forced to retreat back to their tower to re-group.  Grassfoot asks the party about the fate of Barlo, and offers to join the party to help avenge his death.  

Meanwhile, the party, with no Stone to Flesh spell to their name, decide to send D’understanding — as a bird — to Ashvin.  D’unda heads to Corvu’s house and finds a group of guards and a beautiful carriage parked in front of Corvus’ house.  D’unda perches himself on the sill of a 3rd story window, and finds Richard sitting in his room.  He get’s Richard’s attention, and conveys the message as best he can to him.  Richard warns D’unda that the Queen is there to take him and Corvus to Parthen City to question them about the disappearance of the boy.  Meanwhile, the dire situation in Ashvin grows worse, as the Queen has declared Martial law until the boy is found.  Before being escorted out by Guards, Richard motions to a set of books on a shelf for D’unda to see.  

When Richard is gone, D’unda transforms back to a human and takes a couple of scrolls, hoping that one of them is Stone to Flesh.  He buys a horse and heads back to Triple Toss Tower.

Toggaf confirms that one of the scrolls will work, and they head down back into the Temple of Ekrakk, along with Grassfoot.  Toggaf successfully casts Stone to Flesh and returns Barlo to normal.  Exploring deeper in the temple, they find more Snakemen.  They convince the snakemen to take them to the hidden treasure of the temple, citing that their mother was dead and that they were sent there by Ekrakk himself to guard the treasure.  One of the snakemen, Slim, obliges their request, and leads them to the treasure room.  

Inside, they find a huge room, covered by an intricate tile mosaic depicting a large hammer.  At the far end of the room is a cube-shaped socket in the floor.  There, they insert the cube.  Emerging from the wall is a ethereal being wielding a giant hammer.  They fight this spirit of Ekrakk and defeat it, proving their worth.  A  large door opens before them, revealing the vessel of Ekrakk...

Temple of Ekrak, Level B3

Temple of Ekrak, Level B4 parts 1 and 2