013. Triple Toss Tower


The party go to the only home they know: Turbo's old castle, the one they gave to the Ogres and Goblins.  The have affectionately started calling it "Triple Toss Tower."

The journey there is solemn.  The boy is still unconscious, but stable.  They are glad to see that the workers they sent to rebuild the castle managed to patch the holes in the walls and rebuild the ceilings.  One of the goblins tells the party that a secret staircase was found during the cleanup, leading to an underground cave system.

Inside the inner keep, they lay the boy to rest and start tending to him.  They notice that one of the cubes is vibrating in his presence.  They place the cube in the boy’s hand, and his body sits bolt upright, and starts speaking.  In a voice that is not his own, the boy explains that the cubes hold the spirits of the gods: Estra and Ekrak.  They must find Embra’s Cube and Elerio’s Cube, and that deep in the earth is a vessel for Ekrak.  The time is urgent, for the forces of evil seek to re-ignite the God war.  The boy’s body falls limp once more, and the cube tumbles to the ground.

As they sit down to a supper cooked by the goblins, one of them — Grassfoot — asks Barlo if he might teach him the way of the gods so that he can be a powerful cleric.  Barlo lends him a book and holy symbol and begins to teach him to read.