012. Outlaws

Upon returning to Ashvin, they find out that things are not well in the peaceful city.  The town guard tells them that the dwarves were under strict curfew following an attack on the temple in Ashvin.  The dwarves had learned that The Boy was kept secretly in the temple, and they learned he may be of the royal bloodline of the great dwarf kingdom of the north, Cloudstone.  Soldiers were sent from Parthen to help keep the peace, but the Dwarf King was threatening action against Parthen if the boy was not released.  Queen Parthen was on her way to Ashvin to take the boy into her care.

The party manage to convince the guard (through non-violent means) to let Monicrunk (a dwarf, obvs) into the City with them.  They head straight to Corvus the Black’s house.  Barlo is convinced that the party must take the boy into their care, to their secret keep (“Triple Toss Tower”), not trusting the Queen’s motives for wanting to take the boy.  They saw the boy’s blood activate the stone Turbo had, and understood his importance.  They make a plan to meet with Gunderson in the temple to talk him into giving the boy to them.  Barlo and Toggaf head to the temple that night, while the rest of the party stay behind.

When they get to the temple, they see that there are several guards watching the doors.  Toggaf stays behind while Barlo uses his cleric charms to get into the temple.  Inside, he finds a paranoid Gunderson in his office, caring over a still unconscious boy.  Gunderson does not want to give the boy to Barlo.  Barlo, with a Bag of Holding tries to talk Gunderson into letting the boy inside, and even offers Gunderson a safe place with them.  Gunderson acts shifty the whole time.  Finally, Gunderson agrees, and says he must go get the boys things, and asks Barlo to wait there with the boy.  While Gunderson is out of the room, Barlo stuffs the boy into the bag of holding.  Not a moment later, guards bang on the door and threatening to arrest Barlo for treason against the Queen.  Barlo tries to fight his way through the guards, but the commotion causes more guards to come rushing through the temple.

Toggaf notices the scuffle and realizes that shit is about to go down.  So, he flags down a young boy and tells him to fetch the rest of the party back at Corvus the Black’s house.  Then, he downs a potion of invisibility and sneaks into the temple.  While inside, he sees a column of guards standing in front of Barlo.  Knowing that this might be his only chance, Toggaf unfurls a scroll, and quietly reads the words inscribed.  Suddenly, a Lightning Bolt strikes forward, vaporizing all of the guards except for the head guard, who — while grievously wounded -- recognizes Barlo and (the now visible) Toggaf from earlier in the day when he let them into the city.  Barlo and Toggaf flee the scene, and find the rest of the party waiting for them out front.  

As the city alarm is sounded and the guards are rallied to the temple, the party heads to Corvus’ house.  There, Corvus’ assistant Richard is there to help them gather their stuff and make their escape.  They head to the eastern gate, and manage to get a few horses and wagon and flee the city, being pursued by guards and bloodhounds.  They head south toward triple toss tower, now outlaws.