005. Evil Druids and Death

On the way back to town, the party is accosted by a Farmer.  He is raving drunk and yelling for help.  He says that Spiders are coming up through his well and have been terrorizing his farm, and have taken his wife and child.  They take him to town to get help, but the guards complain that Farmer Joe has just been drinking too much, and is making this up.  However, the party has seen enough evil to be curious.  They follow Joe to his farm, and the druid uses his power to determine where a giant spider might be, and he is pointed to an Old Church that is covered in webs.   The party leaves Joe to his devices and enters the church.  There, in the rubble, they find Cultists and Giant Spiders.   They manage to dispatch the cultists and spider, but not without taking wounds.  They head back to Joe’s farm where he lets them stay.

The next morning, they had back to the church, and find a secret entrance under a rug.  Below, they find more cultists, some of them wielding poison daggers.  They fight there way to down to a room where an Evil Druid is finishing a ritual on a young girl over a bloody altar.  The fight is long and bloody.

Omnikrunc dies from a cut from the Druid’s Scythe.  

When the evil druid is killed, a section of the wall collapses revealing an earthen tunnel leading further down.  They decide to first head back to town.