002. Mystery of the Boy Dwarf who might be Princ

The party at the start:

 Monikrunc Ogrefist, a male Dwarf Monk
D'understanding Flavuhsprings, a male Elf Druid
Juxmonochrome Longbowandarrow, a male Human Ranger
Toggaf the Exile, a male Elf Magic-User (Wizard)

The party arrives in Ashvin, an old mining city sitting at large river fork in the middle of The Cradle.  They stay at the Owl Bear Inn and Pub, owned and run by Darr.  The inn is full of miners, farmers and merchants, weary from the day's work.


After a night of drinking and getting to know each other, the evening is interrupted when a young dwarf boy comes running through the front doors, chased by kobolds and a young looking magic user.  The party rallies together and successfully kills the kobolds and magic user.

On the magic user, they find a key, bearing the seal of the Black Raven’s Guild.

Upon talking to the boy, they find out his name is Rillin.  He describes the kobolds entering the house and attacking his parents.  He was able to break free and run for safety at the Inn. They send him to be safe at the Temple of the Divine Mother.  They find out where the boy lived, and upon investigating the boy's house, they found that his parents were murdered.   Further investigation reveals clues that the boy may have been adopted, and may bear the name of Cloudstone.  Could he be the heir to the Dwarven throne?  What did the magic user want with the boy?  Why was the boy's true identity kept hidden?  And what does the Black Mages guild have to do with it?