001. Welcome to the Cradle

"The Cradle" may seem like a strange name for a place to have an epic adventure, but The Cradle is a very important place in the world.  It is where the dwarf, human and halfling civilizations were birthed.  They were forged in the great crucible known as the God War, a great and terrible cataclysm that reshaped the world as we know it.  

However, our story picks up 10,000 years after the God War, when such tales are seen as myth.  The world is a simpler one.  Dragons, demons, gods, and giants are nothing but tales to be told around campfires.  However, a crack is emerging in the facade of peace, and what lurks beneath the surface of the fragile world is waiting to make its return...

Our adventure begins where most adventures do: in a pub.  The OwlBear Inn and Pub, to be precise.  Here, in the sleepy town of Ashvin, in the heart of The Cradle, our adventurers sit around a table, looking for work.  A tomb to loot or a goblin pest to dispel with; it didn't matter to them.  A gold piece is a gold piece.