Meet the Team, Part 1

Hey, it's been almost a year guys!  No one reads this, but for me it's like a journal, so whatever.

I'll be posting pics of Team Triple Toss, which is going strong (and level 5-6!).  I'd like to journal the journey as it goes, and I've been keeping a journal of the adventure, but alas, time is not a kind mistress.  But, here is a picture of one of the team members!


Meet Toggaf, the brains of the operation, elf mage who constantly makes my job as DM incredibly hard.


I'll post the other characters throughout the week.

Team Triple Toss

I've been DM'ing a Swords & Wizardry Game on Roll20.   My players have finally come up with their adventuring party's name.  Their name was inspired by their first few sessions, when I was not fully-understanding the rulesof missile weapons, and the party was very, very effective (too effective) at throwing 3 darts per round.

Presenting, Team Triple Toss.

When someone suggested the name, the image above was evoked immediately.  I just now had the patience to draw it out.


Horace Digital Painting

I may officially have a problem.  I love drawing Horace Gentry.  He's just so fun to draw, and he's a character I have some attachment to, since I play in a regular D&D session as him.  This piece in particular I busted out right before bed, thinking I was going to do a quick sketch.

Well, I went a little further, and did this piece in about 2 hours with Photoshop and my Wacom tablet.  When I've been running on the treadmill I'll do some painting in my head sometimes.  Imagine new ways to show hair highlights, blend skin tones, etc.  So, I was dying to do another Horace piece in a new style.  It's obviously way more detailed than I usually do.  I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

One day I'd love to write up my digital painting process.  Of course, I know I'm not nearly as good as most people that I'm drawing my inspiration from, but I'd love to know how my process stacks up to other profressional digital painters.

Watercolor Horace

I have been a strictly digital artist for years now.  All I need is photoshop and a Wacom tablet, right?  It's served me quite well all these years, but there's just something so wonderful about just putting marks on real physical paper. 

I've been itching to get back into drawing and sketching, and what better way to do it than with a nice pencil, in a nice sketchbook on a nice comfy couch?

This past weekend I bought a nice mechanical pencil, erasers, brush marker and watercolor set.  one of my favorite subjects has been my Swords and Wizardry (a D&D clone) character, Horace.  Now a level 2 (by accident!) Cleric, I tried to capture him here:

I have to say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.   I think watercolors quite suit my cartooning style.  It was fun and liberating to add layers of color for shading, etc.  I plan to do many more watercolor pieces, considering how fun this one was to do!

Skeleton Fight

I've been in a cartooning sort of mood lately, and in between projects for other people I drew this little cartoonish sketch depicting Gilliam and Horace fighting a horde of undead skeletons. Of course, if you read my blog with any regularity (and really, why wouldn't you be?), you'll be familiar with these characters.

Click to view a larger version

I had a blast drawing it.  I loved trying to give personality to the skeletons.  I didn't fret over every single line, I just wanted to make it dynamic and fun.  I might go back and fill in the rest, color it and add some more elements.  But for now I'm content with it being a fun little black and white sketch.  Total drawing time is about 3 hours over a few days.

Swords and Wizardry

The week of Christmas we hosted my brother Andy, sister-in-law Dawn, sister Melanie and nephew Dylan. We are a family that loves games, and Andy and I are usually very competitive. I always have a blast, even though I might think it's a little unfair when Andy gets a simple 50/50 question for a pie piece in Trivial Pursuit. One thing Andy did last year in Sedona was be a Dungeon Master for myself and Dylan. We played a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons called Swords and Wizardry.

If you've never played a tabletop RPG, it's very difficult to explain. Basically, Andy created the worlds, and Dylan and I played adventurers and faced peril, monsters, traps, puzzles, and some awesome rewards. The character I created in '09 was a young, charming (rolled a 16 for Charisma) and mysterious Cleric named Orzain "Oz" Thistlecrown. He fought bravely alongside Dylan's fighter Gilliam and won against the evil Frog Cleric and help the mayor of Andronia, and even convinced the head of a local gang of thieves to fight alongside them (for the right price, of course). The bloody battle deep in the dungeon ended with everyone dead except an unconscious Gilliam and, of course, Oz.

This year, we reprised our roles and crept deeper into the dungeon, this time unraveling another mystery and finally finding a new enemy: Kaddo the Wizard. Unfortunately, Oz died on the first day of adventuring. Perhaps drunk from his previous success, or just a lapse in judgement, he reached into a sack of gold only to find out that the sack was not a sack but a "Bag of Teeth", which clamped onto his arm and ended up killing him. Gilliam, dejected, carried Oz back to Andronia for a burial. Trying to drown his sorrows in a pint of Andronia's finest ale, he ran into another stranger in town. Not nearly as charming as Oz, but quite a bit stronger, older and wiser (and maybe a bit crazy), this new stranger, Horace Gentry, offered to take Oz's place for a share of the gold and riches that were sure to be deep in the dungeon.

Gilliam really didn't have much choice.

Horace did indeed prove useful, a couple of times doing a "Turn Undead" to send ghouls and skeletons fleeing from their sight, and more than once bringing his new "Bone Doom" mace down upon the head of an undead creature. A young hireling, Ordalack was hired to bear a torch, but in a miraculous turn of events saved the whole party by managing to throw a dagger to finish of a ghoul that had already paralyzed and disabled the rest of the party. After this event, Ordalack was made a permanent member of the group and a new name for this adventuring troupe was created: "Sword and Scepter".

The party faced ghouls, hideous labs, a "hyenawere", a giant 10 foot centipede, a flock of ravenous birds, poison gas traps and finally a set of water filled rooms so heinous that they almost had the party killed before they finally met up with Kaddo the evil wizard. After fighting through his horde of Skeletons, they were able to withstand the Wizard's power and kill him, losing several party members in the process. In the end, Horace, Gilliam (now level 2) and Ordalack survived the dungeon and returned to Andronia victorous and eager for more adventure.