VG All-Star 001 and 002

EDIT: I fixed Proto Man's helmet because I was an idiot earlier and didn't look at a reference.He's not a palette swap of Mega Man's sprite.  Mega Man's sprite is a palette swap of him.

The character above is the very meloncholy, often misunderstood Proto Man.  Kid of fitting for the first character in this series, since he was the first robot that Dr. Light built, and the "proto"-type against which his other creations were based.</nerd>

Something I'm going to try from now to the end of the year is draw 100 video game characters.  I'm trying to practice my speed sketching and games from the 8-16 bit era have a huge well of inspiration to draw from.  I'll keep each drawing to less than 30 minutes. 


How does she keep all that hair in her helmet?

And VG All-Star #002 is Samus Aran.  Back in 1988, playing Metroid for the first time, I remember the playground rumors (the playground is what we had before the Internet for sharing cheat codes and passwords) of a "JUSTIN BAILEY" code and that the "dude" from Samus was, in fact, a girl.  Fear of cootie-transferrence aside, Samus is still one of the badest-ass characters in Gaming history.