Spy Jupiter Dump

After a week or so of farting around in my sketch book, playing with designs and proportions, I decided to sit down and do a walk cycle. This is very rough, and I'm hoping to simply get my feet wet. I need more intermediate frames and more exaggerated movements, but here it is:

Also, here's a enemy/boss design I farted around with:

And finally, I tried to simplify the Spy Jupiter character design, to make animation easier:

Definitely more to come.

Spy Jupiter

Here's a sketch (aiming to be a model drawing) of my favorite character, Spy Jupiter:


I feel like going through the exercise of planning out the Spy Jupiter game, design document, maps and all. Until I find either: a way to slow down time so that I have 36 hours in a day, or some people willing to help really work on it, it'll have to remain the un-done project.

I am hoping to take a 3d modeling class (to complement the animation class I took last semester) and would love to model out Spy Jupiter. I think having pre-rendered cel shaded characters on a hand drawn/cartoony/solid shaded background would be trés magnifique.

I like the Magmalisk. I just think it's funny to have a giant lizard/dragon with a tail that ends in a flame.