Sorry for the lack of updates.  I have been working (as in the work I get paid for), and in my free time I have been working on a re-release of a very popular ActionSoft game, which I will get paid for at some point in the future. 

It's one of those extremely overcast, rainy and thundery April days, and I'm using my lunch hour to reach out to you, all 4 of you that subscribe to my RSS.

I have been snapping photos at least once a week, so weeks 13 through whatever-week-I'm-on-now will be posted at some point.

Ideas for blog posts are more plentiful than the hours I have to post them.  I want to do a retrospective of all my old website designs, do some stuff about the game re-release I'm working on, do some more wayback wednesday photo posts, etc., etc.

Oh, and a site design is imminent.  Mr. Squirrely will be going away.  I'm mulling over what to go with, but I'm thinking about combining pixel art with photography somehow.