Metroid Metal Muppets

Chances are you know at least two of the words in the title.  If you are what I would call a "cool dude," you know all three.

I was just at Magfest, a huge celebration of geekery, gaming and music.  Between getting my face melted off, some of the Metroid Metal forum members got together for a Secret Santa gift exchange.  For my match, I decided to get more creative.  

I created the above poster and printed it at 16x20.  It depicts the Metroid Metal band members as muppets.  I had the idea for months ahead of time, but the impending gift exchange inspired me to finish it.  It took 15-20 hours in photoshop.  The more I worked on it, the more I learned just how much in common attendees of Magfest and similar events have with the Muppets.  We're all a little weird, we're all a band of misfits.

It was a great success as a gift and as a creative excercise.  He was able to get it signed by the band and everyone loved it!

If you do not know about Metroid Metal, you are wasting time by not clicking this link.  The whole VGM scene is amazing and I was happy to celebrate being a geek with some of the coolest geeks I know.