Photo 52 - Weeks 22 and 23

Week 22

Week 23

Well, a confession I have to make is that Weeks 22 and 23 were taken on the same day.  Blasphemy!  Kill the heretic!  Buuuuurn him!  Boo, hiss...  Well, what do you want?  It's free, so you get what you pay for.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I've gone off the rails as far as calendar weeks go, but the point is I tried.  I really tried!

The above photos for weeks 22 and 23 were taken at my work.  No, I don't work in a dumpster or at a flourescent light factory.

There's a big office space right near where my office is that has been sitting as a sort of white-collar archaeological dig site.  I had been meaning to take a picture of some stuff in there for a while, but never seemed to bring my camera.  Just so happened I wanted to take some photos of some baby geese that had hatched in the parking lot overnight.  Well, by the time I left work the geese were gone (went to find an actual pond I guess).  However, the light was great and I had my camera, so I shot the pile of flourescene lights.

I also shot an exit sign.  It was dead when I found it, I swear!

When I went back outside to wait for my ride, I wandered the parking lot looking for some gosslings.  Instead, I found an excuse to practice some basic composition.  I like the "NO PARKING" text in the foreground drawing your eye to the off-kilter dumpster.  I also love the texture of the ground and the whole thing looks so moody and gritty in black and white.

When in doubt, I think I'm going to take my camera to work.  When I get out of work it's usually great light - problem is it's 90+ degrees and high humidity.