Photo 52 - Week 24

Week 24 took a turn for the photojournalistic.  During a week of pretty awesome and awful thunderstorms, we had a series of Tornado warnings.  As soon as the siren sounded, we rounded up our dogs, laptop and my camera and went downstairs to the basement.  While we were down there, I decided to pull out my 28mm prime and shoot some journalistic style shots.

I love the above shot, because of Thor's motion blur, Christina's expression, and the fact that you can they are all framed by the stairwell, and you can see the basement paraphenalia at the edges of the photograph.  Like all good journalism, this photo tells a story.

I also shot some other photos while I was down there.  I was practicing in Manual Mode, and decided to get artistic and black and white with the lightbulb and floor joists.