Photo 52 - Weeks 15 and 16

Playing catch-up, yet again, here are weeks 15 and 16.

Week 15

Once again, going to my standy of dog pictures, I was flexing my 28mm lens inside, which I am apt to do when I'm wandering around my PJs on the weekend.  I love the sharpness of her eyes and her general expression.  Her eyes are dark, and wet, and you can just see her begging.

Week 16

And this shot was taken literally as I had been sitting at my desk for hours working on a side art project one weekend.  These sony headphones pump music or podcasts into my ears while I scratch furiously on my Wacom tablet.  I'd be devastated if either of those things decided not to work.


Week 17 and Week 19 will be better I promise. :)