Photo 52 - Week 19

Christina and I went to the Farmer's Market in Urbana the first weekend it opened a couple of weeks ago.  It was windy and a tad chilly, but the promise of great local meat, crafts and produce was alluring.  The pickings were a little slim this early in the season, but I did find this gentlemen, a one-man-band adorned with instruments and putting on a puppet show, and while I was there, talking to reporters.

One thing I am hoping to improve on is my portraiture.  It's tough taking pictures of people in general.  This guy, with his getup and not-so-mean-looking demeanor was not a subject unworthy of my attempts.  I put a dollar in the hat he had on the ground, pulled out my camera with the 50mm f/1.4 and tried to compose some interesting shots and subsequently get mud on my knees.  But that's photography, right?

I think I got a couple of good candids of him, but most of my shots were just plain out of focus.  I think that's the fickle nature of autofocus on a wide aperture (I was probably shooting about f/2.8) while I'm hand holding with natural light.  Out of maybe 25 shots I had 5 that were "tack sharp"

My goal is to do more street photography this summer, and going to festivals, farmers markets and other outdoor venues with lots of people is a great way to get the opportunity.

It was a fun shoot and a nice break in the routine of shooting sewing pins or dogs or toys or whatever I shoot when I'm not stepping out of my comfort zone.

I want to take my camera with me more places, I just need to be disciplined about it, and make sure Christina is okay with it, since I tend to wander off when I have a camera around my neck.