Photo 52 - Week 12, 13 and 14

You get a 3-for-1 special in this post.  I've got some catching up to do. 

Week 12

First up, a shot from a very empty week.  Lacking any inspiration, I went on a walk with Christina and Thor, and out of nowhere this Pit Bull decided he wanted to walk with us.  I never know what Thor will do in these situations, I had Christina pick him up while I tried to shoo the dog away.  I only managed to get this one shot. 

It has a lot of issues.  The composition is boring, and awkwardly amputates the dogs front legs and rear end off.  And it's just a picture of a dog.  Nothing special.  But in a week of non-inspiration it's the best shot I had that week.

Week 13

Week 13 was a lot better, since Christina and I went to Chicago for my Birthday.I tried to get some architecture shots, but really liked the texture of this building facade, and this is my shot of week 13.  This is a building on Michigan Avenue near Millenium Park.

There were a few other decent shots from that trip.  I was able to bump up my ISO all the way and get a shot of one of the subway tunnels.  I like the lines and perspective.

And finally near Millenium park, I found this black bird perched on top of a Chicgo sign near Millenium Park.  This shot was almost my shot of week 13.

Week 14

And to take it back to basics, I ended up not having a whole lot in week 14.  I did spend some time with Thor in the backyard, and I like how this shot turned out.