Photo 52 - Week 10

I roll over into double-digits with a strong entry. I love the composition, the post, the motion blur of his fingers, and the halo of light framing Dan's face.

I spent this past weekend at PAX East.  It is sort of like a cross between a Video Game trade show and a woodstock for gamers.  Over 60,000 people descended upon Boston to basically be nerds for the weekend.

I like video games, and have been "internet friends" with the members of Metroid Metal, a band that was playing that Friday Night.  That first Friday I did not have my camera with me, so I didn't get to shoot their actual live concert.

However, the next day there was definitely music happening in the "JamSpace."  One of Metroid Metal's guitarists, Dan, was playing a chiptune set (chiptunes are songs created with old sound chips, usually NES or Gameboy), accompanying his own chiptunes with electric guitar.

The above portrait of Dan was taken with my 50mm almost all the way open at f/1.8.  It represents some skill, but is mostly luck.  I was still having a very hard time getting my shutter speed faster than about 1/4 second, so I dialled up my ISO.  Looking at the EXIF data for this photo, it was shot at 1/15 of a second at 5000 ISO (I love my 7d for this reason!).  1/15 is way too slow for a handheld shot, especially if it has action.

The only thing that saved this shot was incredible luck.  I didn't shake my camera while taking the shot, and I caught Dan when his head had zero movement.  His body remains frozen while his fangers show the frantic motion that will let you know he was rocking the house.  Trust me on the luck part - I have about 70 other shots of Dan that are focused on the wrong thing, full of motion blur, awkward composition, etc., etc.

I loved PAX - I got to turn Internet friends into real friends, rock out to some very talented musicians, and when I pulled out my Nintendo DS I didn't feel like a pariah.  To check out the rest of my shots from PAX, here is the set on flickr.