Project 52 - Week 5

The year is almost 1/10th over.  Holy cow.  I didn't expect this Project 52 to make me realize just how fast the weeks and years of my life are sliding into oblivion.  Oh, wait -- what I mean to say, is, I've been a bit busy with work and other commitments, but I swear that this photo was taken during week 5.  During the "blizzard" of '11.  While stuck at home.

I like this because it's something that's hard to do with my camera, and indoor shot with natural light.  I have a big set of french doors and a HUGE white reflector (READ: 12 inches of ice and snow) to bounce the sunlight back into the house.

I still had to dial up the ISO, even at f/1.4, but Lightroom's noise reduction is quite forgiving.  All the lightroom in the world can't get the cliché out of the shot, however.