Wayback Wednesday!

This is a picture I took in 2004 with my first digital camera, my Sony Cybershot 4.1 Megapixel point-and-shoot camera.

I was looking at my gigabytes of images, going back to 2004, and wondered why I was letting the bits sit and rot on my computer. Sure, I was learning, and there are dozens of poorly composed and blurry and badly lit shots, but amongst the rubble are some surprising glimmers of hope.

I am a student of photography, and I struggle to carve out just enough knowledge to graduate to some arbitrary echelon.  I will always be a student of photography, and I hope I never stop learning and improving and finding a unique point of view.

Trudging through the stack of old photos in that proverbial digital shoebox-under-the-bed, I found the shot above, which I took of my father-in-law's old Ford pickup back in 2004 (hell, I wasn't even married yet!). I like the composition of the shot, and I can't get enough of that color and texture.

I encourage everyone to look back to their old photos, taken on ancient (by today's standards) cameras, and find those diamonds in the rough.  They might remind you of more innocent times (before you knew how much some lenses cost!).  They might remind you that the equipment you shoot with is no replacement for an agile mind and a keen eye.  Or, they might depress you - because, even with your $2000 equpment you can't get shots as good as you could with that old point-and-shoot.  Either way, you will learn something about yourself in the process.

I definitely plan to plunge the depths and post some more old photos on random wednesdays.