Project 52 - Week 6

Week 6, and I found myself going outside again.  The daytime temperature is up in the 30s (and 40s if you're optimistic), and this is the time of year anyone will make any excuse to get out of the house!  I am no exception, and I have an even better excuse after this year.  These shots are from an old abandoned storefront from a Lumber store.

I had been sitting on some savings, and eyeballing a new camera body to replace my Rebel XTi.  I was also trolling eBay for a used 28-135mm canon lens, since sometimes when I'm outside I need a little more flexibility than a fixed 50mm focal length.

Well, I had a little unexpected income and it removed any excuse from pulling the trigger on a new body.  I had racked my brain between the 60D and a new 7D.  Long story short, I got a new 7D, mostly because it is more of a "shooters" camera, faster focus, more focus points, faster burst, and better remote flash triggering.

I know the irony in the fact that all of my shots (except for the one of my dog) have been of things that don't move, so those kinds of features are lost.  However, I'm interested in the better low light performance, the 100% field of view in the viewfinder and the magnesium alloy body which should last years and decades.

I'm still reading the manual and finding all the bells and whistles and trying to get all the custom settings the way I want them or expected them.  I haven't even started calibrating or profiling my lenses, but there will be time!

Unfortunately, I am not rich with free time for shooting lately, but I still vow to shoot at least three times a week.  (I personally can't wait to not have to worry about a thick blanket of snow everytime I go out to shoot some outdoor shots).