Photo 52 - Week 1

Above is the first photo from my 52-week long (that's one year for those who failed math) photography challenge; my Project 52.  A lot of artistic types decide at the beginning of the year to do a "Project 365" or "Project 52" where they commit to working on something once a day or once a week, whether it's writing on their novel, knitting scarves or taking photos.

The photo above is of the Mighty Thor, one of my favorite subjects.  I can't take all the credit for this shot though.  It's all about the light, baby.  If you're not familiar with the Golden Hour, it's those times right before dusk and right after dawn, where the sun is low and casts this extremely flattering golden glow on subjects and minimizes harsh shadows.  Below are some of the runner-up shots.

Some photographers are trying a Project 365 (you know who you are).  That's just a little out of reach for me, and I know if I push forward to go shooting 2-3 times a week I know I can find at least one great photo per week, and in my mind having 52 great photos at the end of a year is not bad at all!  Besides, if I tried a project 365 I would have already missed days 1-5, and I don't want to start off the year as a failure.

For post-processing, I boosted the blacks a tad and added some vignetting, that's it.  All the post-processing in the world can't replace being outside at the right time of day.

Housekeeping Note:

For Christmas I got Lightroom 3, and have been spending the last couple of weeks trying to learn it and develop a sane workflow.  Where to keep my RAW files, how to process them, tag them, export them to Flickr and finally post them here on the site.

I am going to try and use Flickr as my primary photo host for right now, and serve all the blog images straight from Flickr instead of uploading them to my squarespace account.  This saves me a step and really there's no reason to have multiple copies of the same photo on the web.

Oh, and sometime this year I'm going to redesign the site.  My web design skills may be a bit rusty, but I'm a little tired of the squirrel and dirt motif.