Photowalk 2010: Chicago

Late last month, my brother Andy and I did our second photowalk.  Scott Kelby started an annual photowalk -- of which this is the 3rd.  It's a day where organizers in cities all over the world set up individual photography meet-and-greets with up to 50 participants.  The idea is to get together with a bunch of photographers, go on a specific walk that the organizer planned, and have an excuse to get out, shoot, meet other photographers and be inspired.

Last year, I had the privilege to go visit my brother in New Jersey and check out the photowalk at Coney Island (I'll have to upload those pics and post them here).  It was a beautiful day, and the people, colors, and setting was perfect to find inspiration just about everywhere.  Andy actually got a whole gallery showing out of his photos.

This year, Andy and Dawn came to visit us in Champaign, and we went up to Chicago for the weekend.  Unfortunately, it was rainy all on Saturday morning, the day of the walk, and the organizer had to push back til the next day -- and luckily we were still going to be in town. 

However, the weather was not cooperating Sunday morning either.  Our walk was supposed to take us to the Lincoln park zoo, down the beach on Lake Michigan, to Green City Market, just moving south along the lake.  Unfortunately, it was so foggy that no one was really out that morning, and you really couldn't get a decent shot of anything unless you were within 5-10 feet of it.  Also, the turnout for the walk was only about 10 people, compared to 50 at Coney Island.  The goal of this walk was to shoot people and try and get over that phobia, and I will say that the fog basically made a zoom lens useless, so it made it much harder to hide behind a zoom.

Andy was braver than I and asked a security guard to take his picture.  I, on the other hand, tried to catch people when they weren't looking.  Luckily by about 10 am the sun had burned away most of the fog and it was turning into a beautiful day.  I was able to snap the couple of photos you see here almost by accident. 

I tried to capture the more colorful characters at the beach that morning, and these two weren't very hard to find.

All in all it was a bust compared to last year, but I love these shots that I was able to get.  I may not have gotten over my fear of shooting people completely, but I did have a lot of fun and learned a little more (as always).