Trekking To Tokyo

Map of the Central Tokyo Wards, courtesy

Christina and I are less than a month away from our trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.  Before, I talked about our trip through the country which will take most of our 10 days.  However, our last part of the trip will be 4 days in Tokyo.

Tokyo is not a city so much as a metropolis.  IN Japan, Tokyo is one of the 47 prefectures or geographical and political "zones" throughout the country (kind of like States, I guess?).  Within the Tokyo Prefecture is the metropolis commonly called "Tokyo", even though it technically is 23 seperate Wards which are cities with their own governments, as well as 39 municipalities -- all with a combined population of 35 million people.  That's the population of the LA and New York metropolises combined.

... so, you can understand it's a little intimidating trying to plan 4 days there.

More about where we plan to stay and what we are doing later.