Breaking it In

I'm going to re-tool this site a bit and post more in-depth about photography and design.  What can I say, the spring sunshine has inspired me!  I want to go out and shoot at least 2 times a week, hopefully 100 shots per session

As a birthday present to myself, I bought a new lens.  It's a Canon 50mm f/1.4.  It's a prime lens with a wide aperture, and I got it particularly for the wide aperture, for shooting indoors, and for the narrow Depth of Focus and "Bokeh" effects that are possible at wide apertures.

Taking it for a spin.

I've been shooting with this lens for over a week, and every time I use it, I find new ways to exploit it to make good shoots.  A lot of times, especially indoors, I shoot manual-mode, so I have full control over the aperture and shutter speed.  It's more tedious, but it's been the way I've gotten consistenly-exposed shots indoors. Of course, I realize all the shots I'm posting today are outdoor shots.

 Here is a closeup of some tree bark, showing off the very narrow Depth of Focus.  I love exploring textures in closeups, and while the 50mm is not a Macro lens, the DoF effects really show when shooting as close as the lens is capable (about 12 inches).

This is probably my favorite shot so far.  Since the arrival of Spring, the light at dusk has been amazing, even more so when they create a halo effect around the plants, like so.

And it really wouldn't be a photo-post without my favorite subject, Thor.  I love the colors and the blurred-out background.  I just barely missed Thor in the DoF, so he is not as tack-sharp as the grass by his feet.  Still, I like this shot quite a bit.

I don't think the new lens has changed how I shoot, but I think it's allowed me to shoot the way I've been wanting to with my other lenses.  I have a very good Image Stabilized zoom lens for a lot of my outdoor shooting, but when I need to shoot indoors, or when I shoot portraits, I will be using my 50mm for sure.