Wood and Sky

These were shot in different places at different times (and different weather conditions!), but they both are portraits of wood.


This was taken near the Dog Park here in Champaign.  There's an old, worn out Barn that is in the lot next to the Park.  We were there a couple of weekends ago trying to socialize Thor.  I didn't get so many good shots of dogs, but I did get a decent shot of this barn.

An old barn, surrounded by green growth, under a beautiful spring sky.

It was a beautiful day, and I tried to highlight the sky in this picture.  I bumbed the blacks, the contrast, and the saturation to really bring out just how the barn looked.

And shot tonight, with wind an ominous clouds, is a lonely fence post, holding up the rusty barbed wire with his brothers.  This was the surprise shot for me.  I was shooting on 1st Street a couple of blocks from my work, and I was just dialing in settings and trying to get a feel for how to shoot in the kind of light I was getting.


A knotted wooden fence post holds its ground.

I love the texture of the wood, and it really comes out in the enlarged version.  I added a vignette and tried to play out the warm tones of the grass and the wood under the steel blue sky.  I like how the foreground barbed wire and fencing seems to melt away.