Sharing the Spirit with Shutterfly

My favorite part of Christmas and the Holidays in general is how people seem to start slowing down and taking time to notice each other again.  I love receiving cards from the friends and family in my life.  But more than that, I love sending Christmas Cards.  As a photographer and someone who considers himself artistic, I wouldn't think to just pick up a box of "Generic Card Number 47" from the convenience store.  If you are going to be spreading some Seasonal Joy, you need to make it something from you.

I was excited when my friend Kristin told me she was using Shutterfly for her Holiday Cards.  She's a photographer, too, and has very specific tastes and appreciates good, thoughtful design.  If you have known me long, you know I love making visual things such as greeting cards.  I have made several Christmas cards in years past.  Some more extravagant than others.

I was excited to use Shutterfly.  In years past I would print my own on card stock, which is kind of a pain, and uses a lot of paper and ink.  I've also tried other card services and the lack of options or poor quality of the product just left me feeling a little disappointed.

Now, I stick to a seasonally appropriate photo and some a warm greeting.  It really doesn't matter, as long as it's from you.  Go outside and take a picture of a snow covered tree, take it to Shutterfly and call it art.  Put on your favorite sweater and pose in front of the tree.  Or even, get your Dog into the mix.

The point is: go out there, put a little thought into making a personal image, and take it to Shutterfly.  They have dozens of great designs, and they'll make even the most mediocre photography into a personal, great-looking Christmas card.

I think Next year I'm going to make a personal Calendar for some of those hard to shop for people in my family (*cough*in-laws*cough*).  Such a great to way to share memories in a gift that lasts all year long.  Or, take it to the next level and order a photo book.  We may have ordered a photo book for somebody already.  But I don't want to spoil the surprise.