The Fauna of Doña Ana

We went back to Las Cruces this month for a wedding and reunion.  Of course I took my camera, and while walking near the in-laws' property in Doña Ana, snapped some shots of the local animals.

First, the in-laws' dogs.  The big one is named "Bert."  I tried for the longest time to get him to look straight into the lens (I was behind a chain-link fence), but he was distracted by Blossom.  I think the shot turned out pretty cool.  Click to view the full size image!


Across the road, their neighbors had a few beautiful horses.  One in particular was not shy t all, in fact I think he was hamming for the camera.  Here's one of the shots (click for bigness):


The sun was perfect when I found the next animal.  It was a burro (?), again not very shy.  I didn't have any carrots for him, just my camera.  I was probably only 6 inches from the guy when I shot this: