About this Site

The true boundaries of this site may be a bit fuzzy.  However, I spend most of my day diving into data problems and creating Business Intelligence solutions.  I spend one evening a week running a campaign set in my own Homebrew world, playing Dungeons & Dragons on Roll20.  I wanted a way to share the highlights and information about my D&D game and highlight some of the lessons I've learned in the 18+ months of running a story-driven, homebrew campaign.

As always, this will continue to be a place for me to plop down a random drawing or odd thought.  This time I promise to be more purposeful about keeping a site like this up to date.  At least as long as the Campaign is active, that is.

About Me

I'm a child of the 80s. I know the Konami Code. I know Spark Man's weakness. I know what Justin Bailey is, and I'm not ashamed to have used it.

I'm a developer by day. The work can be dry and very left-brained. At night, I doodle dungeons in a graph-paper notebook, and dream of battle yet to be fought and gods and demons yet to be unearthed.

Between those two points I spend time with my wife and dogs, (trying to get back into) running or (wishing I had more time to be) snapping photos with my DSLR.  It's a life of opposing priorities and I strive to get it all balanced.